Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Day (Finally!)

We had a wonderful, special, perfect Christmas day this year.  It was SO much fun having Charlie really "get it" this year.  He was so excited about Santa coming, about putting out cookies, milk, and a letter to Santa, about sprinkling our reindeer food on the lawn, and especially about Christmas morning.  We spent the morning out at my parents' house and the afternoon out at our ranch, and it was a perfect way to celebrate.  Charlie and Evie really loved getting to have their sweet grandparents in on Christmas morning--I am really not sure we could have done it without them!  And I'm already taking it for granted, but we were SO lucky to have Clint/Daddy here with us this year.  He worked very hard to get Christmas off and I was so glad he did.  It was not the same without him last year, and this year was perfect.  

I realized as I put this post together that this was not my best picture-taking day (we don't even have a family photo!), but I think it was because I was really just enjoying the moment (for once--living in the moment is not exactly my forte).  It was a wonderful day, and one that I hope I will remember forever!

Charlie was SO excited when he woke up and found the stockings filled.  Because Evie can't function without food, we had breakfast before we headed to the tree, and poor Charlie showed remarkable restraint!

They were both pumped when we finally made it to our stockings...
Charlie quickly got the hang of digging in.  He loved all his little goodies, but showed the least interest in an adorable shirt from Santa.  He looked a little aghast that Santa had included clothes in his stocking and threw it aside.  Luckily, he has enjoyed wearing it. :)

Santa had a big surprise set up for Charlie next to the tree, so he had closed the french doors leading to the living room and covered them with a sheet so that there could be no peeking before we were ready to open.  Sweet Charlie could not help himself and was quickly trying to peek behind the sheet.  We heard excited screams of "Santa left me a train surprise!" and had a very hard time keeping him out of there long enough to eat a few bites of breakfast and sift through his stocking goodies.  And once we got in, he was done.  The train set was a huge hit, and all he needed.  This was one happy boy!  (And happy girl--Evie is quite thrilled with the train set, the very pull-apartable, throwable tracks, the chewable trains and little people, and the stand-on-top-able table. :)
Santa should have stopped here; this was all they needed.

Evie's "big" gift was a doll stroller.  She loves it, and in addition to her two dolls, she has been filling it with other goodies (especially things she steals from Charlie--we've found lots of trains and Matchbox cars nestled inside).

The thing Charlie wanted most for Christmas was a garbage truck (he mentioned this to both Santa and me probably 30 times).  Papa and Ali really came through on this one, delivering him the very best garbage truck I have ever seen.  Charlie adores it, and is equally enchanted with the two trash cans that came with it and the trash that Ali provided for it. :)

Inspecting her inventory (which likely includes a train or two...).
We went out to the House on the Hill for our traditional Scull-family Christmas brunch after opening gifts.  It was such a nice was to cap off the morning, and we stayed out there all afternoon and had a very relaxing day.  I forgot my camera (argh!), but managed to snap a few pics with my iPhone.

Here's Miss E in her Christmas finery.
Opening gifts (again!).  The Lego set from Elec has been a hug hit!
We did some Ranger rides in the afternoon, and Evie even managed to get in a solo ride with Papa.  She couldn't believe she was getting to drive without being bothered by her somewhat bossy big brother.

We stopped by the Fretses later that day to check out their goodies.  Jackson in his UT football jersey was one of my favorite memories of the year.  Cutest little quaterback ever!  (And Charlie was so impressed; this only served to bolster Jackson's already sterling reputation in his eyes :).
Merry Christmas!

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