Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlie's First Flight--and a Weekend in NC

Charlie had his first flight last weekend and the little guy loved it! Clint had a residency interview at UNC (in Chapel Hill, North Carolina), so Charlie and I tagged along for the weekend. We were a little nervous about flying with him, but he really did great--he slept for the first part of both flights, and then played happily on our laps. I think he loved the undivided attention he got while the three of us were confined to the plane. :) And he really was a great sport on the trip. The only things that make traveling with Charlie difficult are: (1) he's a light sleeper, so unless we get a suite, Clint and I have to call it a night shortly after Charlie does; and (2) he HATES canned baby food--I have never seen anyone so happy to get back to his homemade food--he's practically been inhaling it since our trip! But those are small prices to pay for the fun of showing him around new places. UNC has a wonderful residency program (per Clint), and Chapel Hill was such a fun place to visit--we got to see some good friends, try some wonderful restaurants, and take some beautiful walks. Although Clint told us at the beginning of the weekend that we were making a pretty convincing case for staying home during his next trip (see laundromat photo, below), everything got a lot easier after our first few little bumps. :) All in all, I'm a bit surprised by how easy it was!
We strolled around the campus of UNC when we arrived...
Charlie loved being the only baby on campus--he got LOTS of attention!
Pretending to be a freshman...
I made the big mistake of packing the baby food in my checked bag and ended up with broken glass and peas all over my clothes. So our first stop in Chapel Hill was the laundromat! :)
Charlie and I got to entertain ourselves while Clint interviewed. Here is our self-portrait.
The leaves were gorgeous--even Charlie was impressed!
We stopped at a playground and tried out the swings and the slide. Charlie loved both of them--he was all smiles the whole time we were there. Poor thing screamed when we put him back in the car afterwards--I felt so bad for taking him away. We will definitely have to visit some more playgrounds back in Dallas!

He even enjoyed just hanging there. :)
The slide was a big hit...

And here we are back at the hotel. Little Prince Charles is relaxing and waiting for his room service. :)

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  1. He is just the cutest baby! LOVE the hotel bed shot. I'm so glad you're enjoying your time together.