Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, November 1, 2010

Charlie and His Pumpkins

Charlie is loving the crisp fall weather, so we've been spending lots of time outside enjoying it. Since it's October, lots of our outside time has also been spent with pumpkins. Charlie loves patting pumpkins, exploring pumpkins, and--when I look away--licking pumpkins. How lovely! :)

Like everyone else in the Metroplex, we've spent lots of time this month at the Arboretum. I love their fall display of flowers and pumpkins--and their pumpkin patch is such a fun place for pictures! Here we are on our way to the patch...

And at the patch! Here's Charlie in Halloween Costume #1 (which has since been returned to the seller). This lion costume looked like a great idea, but was NOT so great in reality. It was way too big (I think the little shoes would still fit him in 2 years), way too hot, and the headpiece was just too tempting for our little teether. So after we took these pics, off it went.
Here's Charlie, thinking that we're having fun.

Now he realizes that pumpkin patch pictures aren't as fun as they look.

Ok, guys, if I give you good roar, can we get out of here??

Very skeptical of all of this...

A parting shot of the little lion...going back to his den. :)

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