Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun Family Weekend

My dad is preparing for a run for the Court of Criminal Appeals, and so wanted to get all of us together for a formal family photo session to get some material for the campaign.  It ended up resulting in such a fun weekend, and we got some really great photos out of it.  I don't know when was the last time we did a formal family photo, so it will be so fun to have these pictures.  [We don't have those back yet, but I will post at some point.]  And even more fun to have a day and evening together!  I don't know if anything is more fun than hanging out with my siblings.  Maybe it's because we all have the same sense of humor, but they just make me laugh so hard. :)  

Here are a few pictures Meg took after our photo session.

Me and my baby girl. :)

Charlie was so cooperative during the photo session.  I was very proud of my BIG boy.
Sweet Rein family.
The younger Kirkendalls. :)
When their aunts and uncles (and Papa and Ahh, of course) are in town, my kids are in heaven.  They get so much attention and get completely wild and spoiled.  But it is so worth it to see them having so much fun!  (I can say that now.  The day after, when they crashed on their entry back into the real world, I was not feeling quite so positive. :).
We all fought for time with sweet Walter...
...including Charlie and Evie.  They LOVE this little guy.  Charlie tells everyone about "my cousin Walter," and Evie just wants to hug him constantly.  He is surprisingly tolerant of his big cousins, and I think finds them terribly interesting and mildly amusing.  I don't blame Charlie and Evie--W is irresistible!

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