Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Evie's Tubes

Since her 9-month appointment, Evie has had a persistent problem with fluid on her ears.  We have been trying to fix the problem, but she failed her hearing tests and the fluid showed no signs of going away, we decided it was time for tubes.  I was SO scared going into this procedure.  We have been blessed with such healthy kids that we really haven't had any medical procedures (aside from Charlie's burn treatment...poor thing :).  I knew it would be fine, but it is still so nerve-wracking to send your baby off to the OR!

Here we are at the hospital.  Evie had to wake up super early and drive up to Plano with no food or drink, but she was in the best mood and we had so much fun together.  I should try this no food/no drink thing more often! (Kidding.)

Here we are waiting to go back and relaxing in the bean bags.  We loved these!
 Ahh sent Evie to the hospital with a surprise--some fake food that she could cut with a knife.  This was one of Evie's favorite presents ever.  She chopped and chopped and would get furious if anyone tried to take them away.  I had to slyly slip them away before they took her back.  I was so grateful for a way to pass the time!
 So happy with her pear. :)
 They give the kids some medicine to calm them down so that they don't get too upset when they go back to the OR.  Evie was hilarious on the medicine.  She turned into a completely tipsy baby, and was cracking me up.  She kept falling over backwards in her bed and then dissolving into hysterical laughter.  Several doctors commented that she's a "party girl."  Uh oh.  Doesn't she look loopy here? :)

 She was screaming when they brought her out of the OR, but turned back into her sweet, cuddly self as soon as I got to hold her.  I have never seen anyone guzzle down so much apple juice in such a short amount of time!  She recovered amazingly fast, so after we went home, we went out for a celebratory lunch with Grandma Ahh and Charlie.

Here's the little patient--still very thirsty!
 And her supportive brother (support, in this instance, means stealing her new fruit toy as soon as she got home :).

Thank you Ahh for your help!

Post-surgery update: I think the tubes are a success!  Evie is talking more and more, and even her exzema seems to be looking better.  God is good!

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