Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

Charlie and Evie had their first day of school today (Charlie is going on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Evie is going on Tuesdays) and it went surprisingly well!  Charlie has been nervous about the start of school, but has tried to be brave.  Every time we've talked about school in the last few weeks, he's quickly told me, "I'm not going to cry."  But he's also been excited--after a party celebrating the start of school at the great park across the street from the school, Charlie told me that he thought he would just live at school with his friends.  So I really had no idea what today would be like.

After a busy night/morning filling out forms, preparing lunches (train-shaped sandwich and all :) and packing backpacks, we were ready to go.  Drop off was much better than expected.  Charlie helped me drop off Evie first.  She looked very worried, but was so interested in all the activity in her classroom that she didn't even notice when Charlie and I left.  Next we headed over to Charlie's room.  He looked VERY nervous until we pulled out his "All About Me" page. [We had so much fun putting this together, btw.  I learned that Charlie's favorite food is toast, his favorite color is red, his favorite place is La Vernia, his best friend is Papa, his favorite things to do (in order) are: (1) drive a ranger, (2) drive a jeep, (3) drive any other vehicle (pronounced "BEhicle").  And if he had one wish, he would drive a fire engine.  Do you detect a theme here?]  After pulling out his All About Me page, Charlie turned back into the boy I know and love, shouting "yook, yook," and pointing excitedly to the photo of him driving a trencher in the middle of the page (he was a little thrown off when Miss Debbie referred to the trencher as a "truck," but he didn't let it get him too flustered).  I gave him a hug and told him goodbye, but he was too busy showing off his page to notice me leaving.  I hung around the hall for a few minutes after I dropped them off.  Evie stayed quiet.  I heard some familiar-sounding crying from the Toddler room, but since I couldn't really tell if it was Charlie, I'm going with not and saying we had a tear-free morning.  Miracle!

I had a fun, busy, relaxing morning, but could not wait to get back to school to pick up my two little ones.  They were both happy when I arrived, which made me so happy.  Miss Vicki and Miss Debbie reported that Charlie had a great day.  They said he got very sad only one time--when walking by Evie's classroom.  Sweet boy. :)  On his Daily Observation Form, they said he enjoyed "playing with the cars."  Big surprise. :)  Charlie reported that he liked school, and that his favorite things were (1) playing with an airplane, (2) playing on the playground and riding tricycles, (3) eating lunch, and (4) eating snacks.  Charlie also liked doing music with Miss Rose.  He spent the entire afternoon singing "the ants go marching five by five, a rock, a rock, the ants go marching five by five, a rock, a rock, the ants go marching five by five, the little stops blah blah blah, and they all go fall down around, BOOM BOOM BOOM!" over and over and over.  When I gently suggested that "a rock" might be "hurrah," he strongly disagreed, explaining that that's how they sang it at school. :)  Charlie only slept for 45 minutes at school and it was very evident this afternoon.  I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or a result of trying to be good all morning, but he was FEISTY this afternoon.  Hopefully that will get better once we get settled in!

Here is the feisty little man on his first morning of school.

 Evie was such a trooper all morning.  Despite having her routine and naps completely thrown off all day, she was wonderful all day.  She looked quite perplexed when I dropped her off, but was playing SO happily when I picked her up.  I loved seeing her happy little face when I picked her up--I couldn't believe how much I had missed her!  Her Daily Observation Form indicated that she was "happy" and "playful" at school, so apparently she was great there as well. :)

 Hiding in the bushes...a little unsure about leaving. :)
 We made it to school!  Didn't manage to get a picture with eyes open, but I was proud of myself for getting one at all.
 Good example of Evie's shocked and perplexed face, below. :)
Hope the rest of the year goes this smoothly!

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  1. Yay, Evie and Charlie!! I love Charlie's reports after the day. Trucks and food. I think Charlie and Palmer are going to be good buddies as they continue to grow together. ha!