Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Evie: 10 Months Old!

I can't believe that we have only two months left in Evie's first year.  How could it be flying by so fast?  Evie has been changing so fast, and this past month was full of more exciting firsts.

Monday, August 27 was an especially big day: Miss E took her first steps!  She was standing in the middle of the playroom and took two little steps (not at the same time) and was quite proud of her accomplishment.  She has gotten really steady on her feet in the last week or two and walks pretty well beside me now if I hold one of her hands.  She also loves to walk behind her wagon--she powers across the playroom surprisingly quickly that way!  She has continued to take 1-2 steps a day since then, but hasn't exactly "taken off" yet.  She was really working on it today, so I don't think it will be too much longer before she's really walking.

Evie's top 2 teeth also broke through on 8/27, and although I am going to miss that gummy smile, those little pegs are pretty hilarious.

Evie also said "Mama" for the first time!!  (really more like "mamamama," but still exciting, right?)  At least I don't have to hear Charlie say, "Evie only says 'Dada,' NOT 'Mama'" anymore. :)

Finally, Evie also started clapping.  She did it for the first time while we were playing peek-a-boo (her very favorite game).  C and E were taking turns hiding under a blanket and finding each other, and I was cheering every time one of their little heads popped out.  Evie got very excited and started clapping with me every time we found her (or Charlie).  It was so cute to see her so excited!  Apparently she enjoyed her new trick, as she's been pulling it out again every time I say "yay" (or any time she's especially proud of herself).

Evie and Charlie have continued to enjoy each other this month.  He is her very favorite person, and they play together so well.  Charlie has been playing an active role in Evie's discipline, which makes my job easier.  Evie has been getting into EVERYTHING, but luckily, he helps me keep tabs on her.  I frequently hear Charlie exclaim: "EVES!  Don't get into trouble!  [Insert whatever she is getting into here] is just for gwown-ups--and me!"  For some reason, he always calls her "Eves" when she is in trouble. :)

Evie has spent a large portion of this month perfecting her stair-climbing skills.  We had to put our stair gates back up because she was escaping every chance she got and flying up the stairs.  After a few frightening escapes (and a very pleased baby at the top of the stairs), the gates were back in place.  This has frustrated her a bit, but I still let her climb when I'm right there with her.  

Music continues to be Evie's favorite thing.  She loves to dance, and has gotten such strong opinions about it.  She laughs and smiles while we dance, but gets furious when the music stops.  It's been funny to see her strong opinions developing!

Here's my favorite little girl on her 10-month birthday.

Showing off those fancy new pegs.

Just in case you weren't sure how old she is.
This nervous expression is SO Evie.  She gets very uneasy around new people or big crowds, so I see this face every time we go out.  Evie likes to be out and about, but she prefers being at home (especially in our playroom) with a small group of people she knows and loves.  I know the feeling, Miss E! :)
Charlie and Evie were playing with Clint the other day and were having SO much fun.  I think Evie is the most ticklish baby I've ever seen, and Charlie is a close second.  I don't know if anything is more rewarding than these sweet laughs. :)

This little scamp always seems to have his eyebrows raised lately... :)
A "hug."

Here's the mouse with her wagon.  She has the cutest, daintiest little walk.  I just love it!

She is seriously into EVERYTHING.  Having to rethink some of my childproofing...

Happy 10 months Miss Mouse!  We love you so!

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