Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall = Football!

Now that the weather is finally turning a bit cooler, it is starting to feel a little like fall here, and that!  I love football season, and have been wanting to go to a game.  We've been driving past SMU football stadium a lot and that (combined with watching a fair amount of football on TV) has gotten Charlie so excited about the game.  Every time we drive by the stadium he tells me, "I'm going to play football there!" (the first time, he actually said he was going to play baseball there, but you get the point :).  He has been itching to go to a game, so Clint and I bought tickets for an SMU game last weekend (at $2 a pop, they were hard to resist).  We went to dinner and then to the game and it made for a really great evening.  The weather was nice and cool, so that helped a lot.  Charlie was absolutely fascinated by the game.  He loved watching the players, the SMU mustang, and the fireworks they shot off after each SMU touchdown.  He was particularly interested in where the football was--at the beginning of each play, he wanted us to point out exactly where it was so he could watch it. :)

Charlie wanted to get as close to the field as possible.  He really wanted to play, but finally settled for watching.

 Charlie was entranced for an astounding period of time (in toddler time).
 Evie cheered for SMU as well.  She wasn't quite as thrilled with the whole experience as Charlie was, but she was a great sport!
We almost made it through the first half, but not quite.  Even so, we considered our outing quite successful.  Charlie cracked us up on the way out--we were watching the fireworks shot off after an SMU touchdown and when we told him they were called "fireworks," he asked us to "tell those firemen to bang their drums again!"  Not sure he completely understands the concept... :)

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