Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beaver Creek, Day 1

Clint had a rare week off work this week, so we took advantage of the chance to get away and headed for cooler temperatures and pretty mountains in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  It has been an incredible week, and reminds me how much fun it is to get away from everything and just spend family time together.  Traveling with a 2-year-old isn't bad, but a 10-month-old is a little trickier, as she doesn't do great without 2 naps and is a little harder to feed on the fly (she has been subsisting on fruit/veggie pouches and puffs :).  Eves has given us a few bad nights, but other than that, it has been awesome.  The kids LOVE the outdoors and the mountains, and Charlie's imagination has just taken off here.  He's seeing so many things that he had previously only read about and he is so excited about it all.  

One of the things that Charlie was most excited about was the flight.  He hadn't been on an airplane since he was Evie's age, so he didn't remember it at all.  The kids were great on the flight, and Charlie has been chattering about it since.  He especially loved seeing the "yittle cars" out the window during take-off and landing and was very interested in all the vehicles at the airport.  We almost missed both our flights on the way here, so we are vowing to get to the airport earlier tomorrow morning before our flight home!

Remember this little guy on his very first flight?
Now there are 2 of them!  Evie liked looking out the window, but was much more interested in the other passengers.  She was hilariously flirtatious during the flight, and although I don't think I agree with her very questionable taste in men, she did make a lot of friends.
 The mouse on her first flight.
We made it to Colorado!  Charlie loved getting to get out on the tarmac at the Eagle/Vail airport.
After a short drive, we arrived in beautiful Beaver Creek.  It is SO pretty here.  Perfectly picturesque views and perfect weather.  If it wasn't for Evie's inability to sleep in a hotel room, I'd stay here forever! :)

 Charlie loves the creek.  According to him, it's just like the one Curious George swims in in the Curious George Goes Camping story.  We haven't swam in it, but we have pretend fished in it every day.  I have gotten my fill of pretend fish this week!

 All the pretty sights, and what does Charlie get most excited about?  A big fire hydrant.  As you will see in the next few blog posts, Charlie probably would have been just as happy going to a large vehicle convention, but oh well...we've had fun. :)
 "Yook, yook!  I found a wock in the cweek!  The fish want this wock SO bad.  They are cwying."  Hmmmm...
 Charlie made a friend.  Luckily, this is the closest we got to a bear!

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