Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Staying Cool

Since we haven't joined a pool yet, we have been coming up with creative ways to stay cool this summer.  The wading pool in our backyard in the current favorite outdoor activity.  There is seriously nothing easier and more fun with 2 little ones.  I just wish it was a bit bigger so I could stay cool too. :)

Charlie's favorite part of the pool is the slide.  He catapults down it, jumps off it, rolls down it, and finds over interesting ways to hurl himself in the pool from it.  As a result, Evie's least favorite part of the pool is the slide. :)  (She is, however, a remarkably good sport about it.  Evie is one tough little cookie!)

Evie enjoyed exploring the water snake until she realized it was too small for her to pull up on.  The girl has a one-track mind these days!
Preparing for the jump...
Enjoying a very brief moment of quiet play together. :)
Evie is obsessed with pulling up.  Every time I turned around she was standing on the edge of the pool (or tumbling down...learning is hard work!).

Evie took quite a few spills into the water.  Luckily, this girl doesn't mind taking a little dip.  She comes up coughing, but stays happy as ever!
Somewhere along the way, we appear to have lost our pants...

We've also been exploring splash parks and neighborhood pools.  Verdict = crowded, but Charlie loves it!

Evie was pretty happy to be out and about too.  Such a good sport!

Looking forward to a wet and wild summer!

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