Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Hail of a Storm

Only in Texas would photos of hot summer days in the wading pool be followed by photos of freakishly large hail.  Last Wednesday, we had a brief--but destructive--hail storm in Lakewood, and the neighborhood is still recovering.  The hail we saw ranged from pebble-size to tennis-ball size, and it covered everything.  It was shocking how much damage it did--leaves and branches were everywhere, car and house windows were shattered, and almost everyone in our area is getting a new roof.  Luckily, we were eating dinner over in University Park and missed the whole thing.  But driving back into Lakewood was quite a shock.  We thought at first that a tornado had ripped through the area.  We were relieved when we heard it was a hailstorm, until we remembered that my mom's car was parked outside of my house.  It was parked under a tree, so it didn't have any broken windows, but it was pretty banged up.  Our house survived amazingly well, with no broken windows and (so far as we know--the roofers haven't come yet) no roof damage.  As Charlie so artfully remarked, what a "big big mess."

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