Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, June 8, 2012

Evie: 7 Months Old!

Sweet Evie is 7 months old and this girl is just getting more and more fun.  And the little mouse is finally sleeping through the night (7-7, hooray!), so that makes her more fun all by itself. :)  She is just as smiley and giggly as can be, and is completely irresistible (I must squeeze her and kiss her about 200 times every day, which I'm sure is wonderful for her sensitive skin :).  Evie is still going through some separation anxiety and is a bit shy (she coyly dips her head and smiles when someone new catches her eye), but is getting more and more social.  She loves being out and about and seeing new people.  She gets very animated and excited about our little outings and adventures.  She was hilariously excited about a trip to the pediatric dermatologist earlier this'd think I never got this girl out of the house!

Although she smiles for just about anyone, Charlie is her absolute favorite person [this is a switch from a few months ago, when she watched him ever so warily].  He can make her laugh so easily--by jumping around wildly, kissing her tummy, playing peek-a-poo, or, unfortunately, shouting "poo-poo."  And her throaty little belly laugh is so contagious that it gets us all laughing, which in turn gets Charlie all the more stirred up (that boy loves to entertain!).

In addition to her sweet coos and giggles, Evie is talking more and more.  She does lots of excited shrieks, and is now saying "dada" and "baba."  "Dadadadada" is her favorite sound right now and we hear it all the time.

At 7 months, Evie is an eating machine.  She has discovered solids this past month and loves them.  She eats all kinds of different foods (including finger foods--we love puffs, yogurt melts, and blueberries)--with abandon--and is turning into the cutest little chunk.

Evie continues to hate being on her tummy, but is very interested in getting up and around.  As a result, the girl has figured out how to pull up, even though she's not crawling yet.  Wouldn't be surprised if she walks before she crawls!

Evie started a music class this month.  Charlie attends with us, but so far has been appropriately reserved--he knows that it is "Evie's class."  She loves the music and the other babies and it's been fun having an activity that is just for her!

Here's the sweet mouse on her 7-month birthday:
Looking up at her Dada.

Here are some other random shots of Evie I took in the last few days.  Notice the beach ball in the pic below--this is her absolute favorite toy and she gets SO excited by it.  Every time she sees it, she waves her arms up and down wildly and screams. :)

I LOVE this girl!

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