Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Reeds Visit Dallas

We had a great treat last week--the Reed family (sans Bryan) came to Dallas!  We had the best time having Addie and her three sweet little kiddos in the house.  It was crazy and wild, but SO much fun.  Charlie was especially thrilled with his visitors.  I don't know when I've heard him laugh so much and so hard.  It's been interesting to see how much Charlie learned from playing with these guys.  The Reed kids play really well together and have very rich imaginations.  Charlie has been pretending and playing by himself so much more since they left.  It is so cute to hear him talking to himself and giggling while he plays--he is getting lost in his pretend world!  Only negative from the visit: Charlie got huge laughs from using the word "poo poo" while the Reeds were here and as a result, it's the new favorite word.  On the day they left, I think it might have been the only word he used (I became "poo poo Mommy," if that tells you anything).  We were at our block party yesterday, and another mom came over to tell me "Your son keeps saying 'poo poo.'  He must have a dirty diaper."  Unfortunately, no.  He is just cracking himself up. :)

Here are the 5 little hooligans relaxing before bed.  Charlie is still going strong--this guy did not want to go to sleep and miss any fun!

Jack and Julia were so sweet with Evie.  She loves her doting cousins!
While the Reeds were here, we took trips to 2 different parks, the zoo, and the arboretum, and played hard at the house and in the yard.  The zoo was so much fun.  Everyone got to pick an activity, so we ended up having quite a packed, adventurous time, complete with camel rides, giraffe feedings, pony rides, a dip in the water, and a ride on the carousel (or, as Katie calls it, the "carrots wheel" :).

Here are Jack and Julia riding the camel.  They are fearless!

Charlie and I had to take a turn as well.

The kiddos also rode an elephant!
While my mom watched the other kids, Addie, Julia, and I treated ourselves to pedicures.  We had so much fun, but Julia definitely ended up with the best mani/pedi--sparkly fingernails, and pink and green toenails with tiny flowers.  So adorable!
After a trip to the park, we headed out for Mexican food.  Charlie and Katie loved the chips, queso, and salsa.  And margaritas, apparently. :) 
Evie tried rice cereal for the first time while the Reeds were visiting.  Katie and Julia were great helpers!
Can't you tell how much she loves it? ;)

Before the Reeds left, we went to the Arboretum to burn off some energy.  They have an small artists' houses that are pretty cute.  The kids loved the bridge in Monet's garden.

Evie watched them with a slightly skeptical expression.
Katie, the budding Picasso.
The kids running to check out the construction...
Poor Katie had her hands full trying to keep Charlie away from the construction workers.  I can empathize with her!
Evie and Julia really bonded on this trip.  Evie just loves Julia.  She was so good with her!

Evie also adores Jackson.  He is so sweet with babies!
We LOVED having the Reeds visit Dallas and can't wait for them to come back.  Charlie went through a mourning period after they left.  His sadness was alleviated only by the word "poop."

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