Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, April 13, 2012

Evie: 5 Months Old!

Evie is 5 (actually, 5 1/2) months old now, and she is changing and growing SO fast.  I feel like she's grown up 3 months in the past month--she is a totally different baby!  Evie is so full of life and fun.  She has come out of her shell and is turning into a very social little lady.  She loves an audience, and will happily smile and coo and squeal at anyone who smiles at her.  She has a deep, throaty laugh that is just so cute.  Evie recognizes her name now and it is so funny to see her head wheel around anytime she hears it.  Although she still makes us work for the laugh, it's coming more and more frequently now.  She was laughing for Charlie the other day (apparently "Boo!" is hilarious) and he was so pleased.  He deemed himself "sooo funny."  Gotta love that ego. :)

Evie still hates tummy time, but we've been working on getting a little in throughout the day (she's a good roller, so it's hard to keep her on her tummy).  She will roll around on her back with a toy for long periods of time, but only if someone is sitting near her.  Evie does not like to be left alone!  But as long as someone is sitting near her and visiting, she will roll around and kick her little legs for quite a while (and play with her very favorite toy, her feet :).

Here is Miss E on her 5-month birthday:

 Now that she's getting better at sitting, it's hard to keep Evie lying down.  She loves sitting, and especially standing!
 After exclaiming over Evie's big, adorable smiles, we noticed this:
 Since I'm getting this post done a bit late, here is Miss E today.  In other notable Evie news, it appears that we are getting a tooth!  I can feel her bottom right tooth just beginning to poke through.  Evie started sleeping through the night at 5 months, but just starting waking up a bit more this past week.  I'm hoping that it's due to the teething and will be temporary...

 And, finally, Evie had another big milestone today: her first attempt at solids! (i.e., my attempt to get her back to sleeping through the night :)  Despite her skeptical expression here, the sweet potatoes were a big hit.  Evie kept grabbing the spoon and trying to shove it in her mouth--guess the girl was hungry. :)  Not much actually made it in her mouth, but it was a fun first try.  As Charlie said, Evie was "so funny."
It is amazing how much this sweet little person has changed our lives and wormed her way into our hearts in the past 5 months.  She is more loved than I ever could have imagined.  Although two little ones has been a challenge, it's been such a fun and rewarding one, and I wouldn't change a thing.  I love you Miss Mouse!

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