Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter!

We have been busy, busy lately, and I have gotten way behind on my blogging.  So bear with me while I try to catch up.  But first, here's a recap of our Easter weekend...

While Clint was working (starting to sound familiar?), the kids and I headed to Seguin to celebrate Easter with my big extended family.  We had a great weekend with all the cousins.  Charlie gets so excited about seeing everyone and Evie really seemed to enjoy herself this time.  She is coming out of her shell and turning into a little social butterfly, smiling and cooing and laughing for everyone.  I loved getting to see all the kids together!

On Saturday, we continued the family tradition of building our Easter nests.  Every year, we go out to our ranch the day before Easter and pick wildflowers.  We then build "nests" so that the Easter bunny has a place to put the baskets.  I took great care building fancy nests for myself when I was little.  I didn't spend quite as much time on Charlie and Evie's nests this year...I figure they can get creative when they're old enough to build them on their own. :)
 This year, Evie relaxed with Kay Kay and watched the nest building.
 Sweet girl had a great time out at the ranch.
After the nest-building, we enjoyed a rousing soccer game...
Easter morning came bright and early.  The kids sweetly posed in their Easter outfits before church (where Charlie turned into a holy (pun intended :) terror; guess we need to take him in for church services more often!).

 Evie was worried about whether it was a good idea to leave her alone in a rocking chair with Charlie...but don't worry, she survived. :)

 Now she's having fun!
 These two kiddos are CRAZY about Papa and Ahh, who were wonderful hosts to us all weekend.  Thanks so much for all the fun--and all the help!
 Alice Evangeline and Evangeline Kate.
 Me and my (little) boy.
 Miss E has gotten so smiley.  Papa was cracking her up!

 Again, don't worry.  It looks like we are close to disaster here, but Evie survived. :)

 After a hair-raising church service (thank you, Charlie), we returned to home to find that the Easter bunny had come!  
The bunny knew better than to leave Charlie a basket.  Only a dump truck will do. :)
 Evie got a wonderful little basket of treats!
 Charlie and Aunt Meggie, his favorite playmate.  These two were inseparable all weekend.  I am so lucky Meg is such a sweet aunt, because Charlie could not get enough of her!
 Not surprisingly, Charlie enjoyed the cheese and cracker appetizer much more than the Easter Egg hunt. :)
 Evie and sweet Aunt Dede.
 Inspecting his haul.
 We were so happy that Aunt Mary joined us!

 Amy and sweet Charlotte.
 The intrepid hunter.

 Katie and Charlie are quite a pair.  These two had difficulty putting their treats down long enough to hunt eggs. :)
 Jackson and Samuel REALLY know how to do a hunt!
 Now he's starting to figure it out...
 Elec and Megan were in town for the holiday and it was so fun to see them.  Charlie and Elec loved playing together (or, more accurately, stealing toys from each other :).  These two are going to have so much fun in the coming years!
 I had the bright idea to take a big cousin picture...

 ...and it actually worked!  Lizzy and Emma are missing, but all the rest of the kids are here.  I think my favorite part of this picture is Megan holding Elec in the chair. :)
 Charlie capped off a very busy day with a story with Papa. Note his new book and new puppy ("Duke").
What a wonderful Easter!  So many good memories...and being with all my cousins brought back so many wonderful memories of my own childhood Easters.  Man, time is flying, isn't it??

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