Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, January 19, 2012


We have been the lucky recipients of lots and lots of visitors in the past week.  First, my dad and Uncle Robie came to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl and stayed with us for a night.  Charlie didn't know they were coming, and he was so surprised and excited on Saturday morning after the game when Papa came into his room to get him up.  I loved seeing his happy little face.  He was a bit wary of Robie at first, but warmed up very quickly, especially after Robie presented him with his first kolache.  After that, it was pure love, and he followed "Wobie" all around the house.

Next came Courtney and Ava Grace and we had such a fun weekend with them.  My Dallas SU girlfriends, Ann (plus Colin) and Cynthia, came over to hang out as well and we had such a great time catching up and letting the kids all play together.  It was hard for Charlie to share his (and Evie's) toys, but he improved as the weekend progressed.  Luckily, Miss Ava Grace was very patient and sweet with him, and he enjoyed her immensely.

Here are the kiddos posing for a photo.  Evie did NOT want to be a part of it.  Colin is the only one who looks worried about her. :)

We let Evie escape and did a few photos with just the "big kids."  You wouldn't imagine how difficult it is to get a photo of these wild ones!  [Luckily, Ava Grace cooperated with huge smiles.  This girl may have a future in modeling. :)]

On Sunday night, Charlie and Ava Grace had their first co-ed bath together.  Luckly, they behaved just like a little lady and gentleman. :)
Have you ever seen a sweeter pig and bear?
Following Courtney's visit, my Uncle Elam and Aunt Kay ("Big Piggy" (adapted from "Big E") and "Kay Kay") came to stay with us during a dental conference.  We had a great time with them and Charlie really could not get enough of Big Piggy.  Luckily, they were great sports and spent lots of time playing with and even feeding the little Prince.  I'm sorry we didn't get photos with all of our visitors, but hopefully we can get some next time they come.  We--especially social little Charlie--love nothing more than company in the house, so come back soon!

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