Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Ok, so it wasn't actually 12 days of Christmas, but it sure felt like it (in a good way :).  This holiday was hard--Clint was scheduled to work the night shift all during the week of Christmas Eve/Christmas, so he was completely unavailable for a Christmas-day celebration.  Since he was going to be working and sleeping all week, Charlie, Evie, and I traveled down to Seguin to celebrate with my family, and then headed back up to Dallas when Clint finished his night-shift work and celebrated Christmas on his day off (the 30th). It was really sad being away from Clint on the big day, but the three of us had a wonderful time with our extended family.  And our belated Christmas celebration with Clint turned out to be really special as well, so it was a blessed holiday!  (Turns out, it's kind of fun to extend the festivities... :)

Charlie, Evie, and I arrived in Seguin on the 23rd and headed out to the treehouse for Dede and Robie's 40th anniversary celebration.  It was a COLD night, but very fun, and we were proud of Evie for being such a good sport about the cool temps.

Charlie had a great time running around with his cousins.  So great, in fact, that we hardly noticed when he took a "BIG FALL" (in Charlie's words) after it got dark outside.  It wasn't until we got home and turned on the lights that we realized he had a huge goose egg on his forehead.  Poor little guy hardly fussed at all!

Here is Julia (JuJu), Charlie, and Jackson.  Charlie is in love with these kiddos--I hear about them all the time!
 Sweet Lizzie joined the photogenic group.
 Emma and Julia were excited to meet their new baby cousin.  Evie got lots of cousin love over the holidays, and seemed to enjoy all the attention!
 Isn't the treehouse amazing?  It looked so pretty decorated with Christmas lights.  I cannot wait for our first camping trip here!
Congratulations on 40 wonderful years Dede and Robie.  Thanks for setting such a good example for us!

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