Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Santa Makes a Special Trip to Dallas

Most people don't know this, but Santa doesn't just deliver gifts on Christmas day.  If you email him and let him know that Daddy has to work on Christmas, he'll make a special trip down to see you when Daddy gets a day off (assuming the kids have all been good, of course).  We so appreciate Santa's flexibility, and took full advantage of it this year, having our family Christmas on December 30 (personally, I think Santa enjoys extending the holiday a bit :).  Despite having to wait for it a bit, our Christmas was wonderful, and we felt so blessed to have our sweet little ones to share it with.

Santa left a wonderful spread of gifts around the tree on "Christmas" morning.
The basketball hoop was a huge hit--Charlie had to try that out as soon as he came downstairs.
One last attempt to get good Christmas morning photos, but the kids just were not into it.  I think the presents were too enticing. :)

Yay!  Daddy's home!

Charlie loved getting into the stockings.  He couldn't believe what riches were inside.  He even helped Evie with her stocking, but her gifts didn't interest him too much. :)
The garbage truck in Charlie's stocking was the hit of Christmas.  I really think he didn't need anything else.
Pensive little mouse...
Santa brought Charlie a Rody Pony, and it's so much fun.  Charlie was very anxious for Rody to get blown up.  Note to Santa: set gifts up beforehand next year!
"I bounce!  I bounce!"

Charlie loves carrying Rody around the house.  He kneels down, strains hard, says "Biiiiiiig," and picks him up. :)
Charlie loved his Christmas books.  We spent lots of time reading our new books this holiday.  Papa's book--"Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site"--is Charlie's new favorite all-time book.  He is particularly amused by the fact that the cement mixer has a "lovie"--this gets a laugh every time. :)  I highly recommend this book!

Evie got several "mouse" gifts, including "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." :)

Evie had quite the haul for such a little person!
Charlie's worst Christmas gift: a black eye. :(  He got a little excited while playing with his new presents and hit it on the coffee table.  Poor Charlie--he has had WAY too many bumps and bruises this holiday.  We are asking Santa for a helmet next year!
Sweet Evie enjoying our evening festivities with Papa, Ali, Sam, and Auga.
Charlie brought Rody in to join the party.
Papa is always ready to read.  These two love their books!

Charlie's car carrier from Sam and Auga is another new favorite toy.
The mouse bonded with Auga. :)
We saw this "surprise" face every time a gift was opened, immediately followed by an emphatic "out!" (meaning that we should get the toy out of its package as soon as possible).  Charlie was such a gratifying recipient! :)
Charlie got a new tee ball set from Papa and Ali.  We have had a blast with this.  I love how Charlie warns me with "Ready?" before he dribbles the ball off the tee. :)

Best Christmas present: a whole day with Daddy!

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