Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, January 2, 2012

Santa Comes to Seguin

Even though we were without Clint, the kids and I had a very fun Christmas day in Seguin with my parents and extended family.  I think I was more excited than they were on Christmas morning, but Charlie definitely got into the fun.  Evie, however, had trouble staying awake for her presents. :)

Trying to pose these two for a Christmas picture is NOT easy.  Maybe we'll do better next year...

Checking out the stockings...

Food always comes first for Charlie--we had to have some "Big Toast" (french toast) and fruit before we dug into the gifts.
This boy LOVED his stocking gifts.  His matchbox cars and UT hat were all that he needed for Christmas.

BUT, Santa left a few more things, and Charlie loved those as well.  He loves his new excavator (we also call it a backhoe, the current favorite construction vehicle).

His own "Big Truck" was a big hit.
Once he realized what these packages contained, Charlie really got into the unwrapping.
Charlie had so much fun with his matchbox cars and new trucks that we didn't get to the rest of the presents until our Dallas Christmas.  Santa was very good to Charlie this year!
After presents, we headed out to the House on the Hill for our annual Christmas brunch.  It was so fun to see what all the kids got.  And Charlie got another present--a trash truck!  This boy is obsessed with trash trucks (every morning he asks me if it's "trash truck day"), so this has been a huge hit.

Jackson was quite the shot with his new BB gun.
All Katie wanted for Christmas was "gai gai" (candy) and "wipstick" (lip gloss).  She was very happy with her gifts!
Julia got the coolest present ever--the life size pony below.  "Beauty" was so cool.  She waves her head around, neighs, and pretends to eat a carrot.  Charlie loved "riding" on her. I would have LOVED this pony as a child!
Charlie, Beauty, and the proud owner. :)
Evie loved her Christmas as well.  We had to open her presents very slowly over several days, as we had trouble remembering to do it during her awake times.  She was very blessed, and got way more than a 1 1/2-month old needs!
What a wonderful, blessed Christmas we had.  And it's not over yet!

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