Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Charlie's Letter from Camp Gramps

Hello Muddah, hello Faddah, here I am at Camp Granada... I mean, Camp Gramps. (Papa told me no one born after 1960 would understand this reference. He said look up "Allen Sherman" in Wikipedia, whatever that is.)

This is your son, Charlie, writing a letter home after my first week at Camp Gramps. They told me you two are visiting Paris. Is that a sibling I haven't met? I look forward to it.

Anyway, this has been kind of fun but not all a bed of roses. Ali and Papa are old. Papa said Ali will be 60 this year. (Dad, what is a 60?) They go to bed early and get tired easy.

We have done some fun stuff. Papa started me driving a golf cart, and I have graduated to his truck. Here is a picture of me driving. He thought he was helping but I can do everything myself; that's why I have such a knowing look:

Guess what! I have learned how to slide!! I will dive down any slide head-first with a fiendish grin. Who knew it could be so much fun? Ali took stop-action pictures of me doing it:

Man, if I was any braver, I would be slaying dragons and rescuing damsels, whatever they are!! Papa tries to get me to wear my hat correctly but I think the backwards look is so much more rebellious.

The oldsters were chilling and I was ready for action so I headed out on my own. Not all that easy when you are not walking alone yet. Pushing a cart can get tiring.

Had to take a rest. Unfortunately I was only a a little ways from the grand'rents house:

I think I will figure out another way to get out on my own.

Papa just thought I needed help driving. I guess I showed him when his truck was gone!

Didn't make it too far since it was snack time. Sonic is just around the corner and it looked good!

Had a little trouble getting them to understand my order. But they finally brought my pureed cheeseburger.

Unfortunately they wanted me to pay with something called "dollars" and "cents". The only thing I know to pay with is that magic plastic card my mommy has. People will give her anything if she just shows her plastic card!!

Then I drove by the Seguin Fire Station. I have always (or at least for 11 months) wanted to be a firefighter. Here I am, living my dreams:

I had been to the ranch with Papa and Ali before so I knew the way. I am so helpful; here I am preparing to plow the back 40:

After that I drove around the ranch and found a beautiful tree house. What a view:

Mom and Dad, I have decided to stay out in the tree house and live there for the rest of my life (or until you guys get home, whichever comes first). I met some forest creatures out here who also live in the tree house. They are simple creatures but they will make good pets. This is my friend Darrell and his other brother Darrell:

Mom and Dad, hurry home, with or without Paris. I am having lots of fun and new experiences but even a kid needs normal.


Your son,



  1. I love this!! But I don't see an acknowledgement for the photo assistant.

  2. Love this. Love love love. We hit the drive-thru often enough (at Sonic and elsewhere) that Andrew knows my order is "large Diet. Dr Pepper, easy ice." He says it when I get a drink at home. Look out world, here comes Charlie!