Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

11 (and 10) Months Old!

I know you hear this from me every month (well, except for month 10, when I somehow missed my monthly post :), but I cannot believe Charlie is 11 months old! It shocks me that we are only 1 month away from his first birthday. What an amazing past 2 months we have had. Charlie is growing and changing so fast right now, and getting more fun and more interactive everyday. He is full of tricks all of a sudden--he plays peek-a-boo, claps for himself, gives high fives (and then claps for himself), gives kisses (and then looks very pleased with himself), says "uh-oh" at appropriate and inappropriate times (such as when he hurls the lamp over and breaks the bulb), does a "cute" face where he rests his head on his shoulder and tries to look very innocent, waves bye-bye, clicks his tongue, and anything else he can think of to get a laugh. He seems to understand a LOT right now, which is so fun.

Charlie is crawling everywhere right now, and has gotten really fast. He crawls all over the house (and anywhere else we go)--it is amazing how much energy little boys have! He has a funny little monkey crawl that he does when he crawls on tile or sidewalks--apparently he doesn't like his knees to touch certain surfaces. :) He loves to pull up on anything and walks well when he's holding onto something. He can stand up by himself for short periods of time, but isn't too confident in his solo standing abilities yet. He loves stairs, and has gotten really fast at going up them (not so good going down). We had to put a gate on our stairs because he could not focus on anything else while they were there tempting him. He loves, loves, loves exploring our house and new places--he is constantly opening drawers, crawling under tables and chairs, pushing furniture and toys around, and trying to figure things out.

Charlie still loves reading books, but he does better if we wait until before naps or at night when he's getting tired. If I try to read with him any other time, he has too much energy to sit in my lap and focus. Needless to say, he is not the world's best cuddler. :( He loves his toys, especially cars and trucks (or anything with wheels), blocks, and balls. He also loves playing chase, having pillow fights, and getting tickled. Charlie is turning into a funny, happy, confident, opinionated, fearless little guy and we just could not love him any more!

My mom was in town visiting this week and we took Charlie to the Arboretum for Kindermusik and his 11-month photo shoot. This guy is getting SO hard to photograph. He does not stay still for a second, so we had to get creative. The benches kept him somewhat occupied so we could get a few shots in.

This was the best picture I could get of him in the grass. We tried to get him to sit for a picture, but it was impossible.
Charlie always enjoys our weekly Kindermusik activities, but doesn't spend too much time with me. He takes off as soon as we get there and explores the entire area, usually making a few new friends (or enemies :) along the way.
He LOVED having his Grandma Ali in town. He lights up every time he sees her.
There was a fun little petting zoo set up at the Arboretum that Charlie really enjoyed. He didn't have much interest in the sheep (below), but loved the goats (especially their ears).
Thank you Charlie for a wonderful 11 months. We love you!

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