Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We're Back!

After a long, wonderful trip, we are finally back in Texas with Charlie. We had such a good time in France (I will do a post on our trip shortly), but we missed Charlie so much it was almost unbearable toward the end. Our flight back was delayed a bit and we were getting SO antsy. There was nothing better than getting off our flight and seeing that happy little face waiting for us at baggage claim. He looked a bit confused at first, but as the recognition slowly washed over him, Charlie looked a little embarrassed that he hadn't figured out who we were immediately. :) He was a little clingy with my dad at first, but warmed up to us very quickly. It was so gratifying to come home to such a happy, well-taken-care-of little man. My parents did an incredible job with him, and he learned new tricks, new words, and new concepts while he was with them, and just seemed so much older to us. He had a great time and clearly just loves being at my parents' house. It was so funny to return to their house with him and see how he had developed his own little routine there. I think he really enjoyed all the attention from them and our other family in Seguin. Charlie adores his Papa and Ali and could definitely get used to small-town living!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day back in Dallas with Clint and Charlie today. I was treated to a wonderful breakfast in bed, and then my boys took me to Sunday school and church. Charlie behaved wonderfully all day long, and then we had a fun BBQ with friends tonight (where Charlie was a little more wild, but still pretty good :). Charlie was even sweet enough to pose with me for a Mother's Day photo shoot this afternoon:
Charlie preferred to be crawling or standing on his own. He didn't have time to sit in my lap.

Flowers are fascinating, aren't they?
Happy Mother's Day to Ali, Mimi, and all the other wonderful mothers in our lives!

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