Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Return to Work and a Week with Aunt Meg

What a week! I returned to work this week and it has been (and I think will continue to be) a difficult transition. I have been so emotional the past week and a half and I know that I am just having such a hard time being away from Charlie. We had such a wonderful 4 months together and it is so difficult to spend my days doing something else. I am hoping that I can work out my schedule so that I'm not away from him too much--otherwise, I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it! The worst part is that Clint and I are now competing for Charlie time in the evening--he was very generous and let me have extra cuddles this week, but I'm not sure he'll be so benevolent going forward... All in all, the week definitely had its ups and downs, and was easier in some ways and harder in some ways than I expected. I am hoping that I figure out a way to make this work (and feel good about it) in the next few weeks!

Here we are on my first day of work. I was not holding up so well...Charlie, on the other hand, was pretty excited because his Aunt Meg was in town!
My sister, Meg, gave me the greatest possible gift this past week by coming up to Dallas and keeping Charlie for me while I transitioned back to work. I cannot imagine leaving Charlie with anyone more perfect--she is so incredibly sweet with him, can get him laughing no matter what mood he's in, is incredibly energetic and fun, and was just tireless in keeping him entertained, fed, rested, and happy. It made the return to work so much easier than it otherwise would have been--I was so much happier knowing how much fun Charlie was having at home and what a good job Meg was doing with him. She had a big task of getting Charlie used to and comfortable with a bottle and she did an incredible job. He cratered a bit on Friday, but he had some great bottle-feedings during the week. I so enjoyed getting funny little updates during the day and had SO much fun coming home to my sweet sister and getting to spend every evening with her. I think my favorite part of the week was seeing Charlie's huge smiles when he first saw Meg every morning. Thank you SO much Meg--we are all missing you dearly!!

Since I wasn't at home with Meg and Charlie, I decided I'd let Charlie blog about their week together.

chALs hur. ant MegEE n me had so mush fun. we plAyd lots of gAms and tuk lots of wolks outsYd. she let me rYd in the baby byorn a LOT.
i lyKed rYdng n my strolar.
i luk sad hur but megEE ushallEE mAks me laf.
i rullEE lYk kissng megEE.
she beter com bak i mis hur.
Come back Ant Meggie! We miss you!

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  1. hahaha...that is awesome! you are so sweet. i am missing you and chALS so much.