Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Littlest Gymnast & A Scary Tornado

Charlie here. Doing some blogging while Mom sleeps. Just thought I'd tell all of you about my first experience at Little Gym (it's like gymnastics, but much more manly). I pretty much rocked it. I was the littlest baby there, but I did great (if I do say so myself). I never cried or whined and did all the tricks. My mom kept laughing, but I stayed focused. I couldn't figure out how to put my hands down for the forward somersault, but Mr. Barry said I'd figure that out in the next few months. All in all, I was pretty great. The 8-month old girls in the class thought so too. Ok, so on to the pics...because I know you love them.

Here I am stretching before things really got going. I had my shots the day before so my thighs were a bit tight.
Back flip and perfect landing. I'd say this was a perfect 10. Mr. Barry thought so too.
Here's a fabulous picture of me relaxing with some music and waiting for instructions from Mr. Barry.
Chillin' next to the bar. I am not quite tall enough to pull up, but I could do it if the bar were shorter. I swear.
Hey ladies! Come over on this side!
I wasn't scared at all on the balance beam. I think I'm a natural. Check out my form!
Ok, so maybe I did get a bit upset on the uneven bars, but what do you expect? I'm 4 months old!!!
After we got home from Little Gym, we heard sirens and found out a tornado was headed straight for us. My mom actually didn't realize the sirens were going off until my dad got home from his run and told us to get into the bathroom for protection. I wasn't scared at all and mostly just liked getting some extra playtime before bed. Luckily, my mom brought lots of toys into the bathroom for us. Unfortunately, the tornado warning ended very quickly. Oh well--hopefully we'll get more excitement another night!
Signing off now...gotta figure out how to get back in my crib before the 'rents realize that I'm not asleep. Check ya later!

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  1. Hey, Charlie, looks like you had fun at the gym. Just a cautionary note here-- I think your mom might be a frustrated little gymnast. Don't close your eyes for a minute or you might find yourself napping in a corner while Mommy works out on the balance beam. The crying of 2-yr-olds waiting for a turn will probably wake you, in which case you can get her under control. Good luck-- let us know how it goes.