Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charlie Finds the Lost Pines

In celebration of Labor Day, the end of summer, and my incredible 4 months at home with Charlie, Clint and I took the little man to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop for an impromptu vacation. It was a short getaway but we had so much fun! Charlie was a trooper during the long drives both ways and seemed to have a great time in Bastrop. He was too little to really enjoy most of the resort activities, but I think this will be a fun vacation destination for us over the years. We certainly have good memories of this first vacation there together!

We arrived at Lost Pines late Friday night and Charlie entertained the staff with his bright eyes and inquisitive stares. He was particularly interested in hearing about the spa amenities. He was so amusing that the front desk clerk, Clint and I started giggling about him and couldn't stop--as a result, our lecture about the resort amenities was cut a bit short. :) Charlie woke bright and early on Saturday morning--here is the man himself, in his traveling PJs. Beep Beep!
After breakfast, we took an early morning stroll around the resort. It was so lovely seeing it virtually empty in the morning before everyone woke up. Charlie just loved the beautiful weather!

The resort is located on the Colorado River. When Charlie is a little older, we can kayak the real river! (for now, we stuck with the fake one...see below)
We all enjoyed the beautiful weather. Charlie spent his morning catching some rays.
Dad, you forgot to unbuckle the straps under my hat!
The Reeds and the Skaggs (minus Amy and 4-day-old Charlotte) joined us on Saturday. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was playing with the "big" kids in the lazy river and on the water slide. We all had so much fun. Here are Addie and Baby Katie waiting to watch us take on the water slide. Even Baby Katie took a turn!
Dad and Charlie got in lots of good bonding time. Dad was pretty awesome over the weekend--he stayed in the room with Charlie during his naps, and then he and Mom watched Charlie on Saturday night so that Clint and I could have a date night out. It was so nice having all the help. We haven't felt so foot-loose and fancy-free for a while now! :)
The goofy glasses society.
Spider-man building a spider castle.
Katie relaxing with a bottle. We tried to get Charlie interested, but he decided that bottles didn't look too enticing.
Clint chased Jackson around the lazy river.
And Julia motored me and Charlie around. Charlie loved floating the river!
The water fountain was a big hit.
As were the funny hats at the general store...

Charlie watched his first Texas game, and even wore burnt orange for the occasion.
Take that Rice!
On Sunday, Charlie relaxed at the club while the men golfed. Although he didn't actually golf, he did dress the part. :)
I can drive the cart next year, right?
Clint and I managed to fit in a rousing game of tether ball...
But Charlie didn't find it quite so rousing. :)
Family picture on T-Bone, the resident longhorn. I feel like this should say "Merry Christmas from the dorky family from Texas" underneath.
What a wonderful weekend!

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