Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ford: 2 Months Old

Ford continues to grow and change and is just getting more and more fun.  This month brought out the smiley side of Ford--he is the most cheerful baby I've ever had, and it is almost impossible to look at him and not get a smile.  His happy, jolly ways have made him very popular in our house!  Ford is still a little stinker in the sleep department and wants to eat every 2 hours or so, but we are guessing (hoping?) he will improve soon.  Until then, we will enjoy the extra time with him. :)

Ford is great at smiling and gooing.  As Charlie says, "Ford is very good at 'goo'!"

The serious side of Ford...

Clint and I love to see Ford's face peeking over somebody's shoulder.  He is so, so interested in the world and when he looks over a shoulder, he is always peering intently about, with his eyebrows raised high.  I just can't get over that sweet little face!

Ford's two-month stats were:

Weight: 11 lbs., 9.4 oz. (45%)
Length: 23 in. (55%)
Head: 15.5 in. (70%)

We love our growing boy!

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