Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We had a wonderful Valentine's day this year (actually, thanks to our very generous and thoughtful grandparents and aunts/uncles, we turned it into two Valentine's mornings (the real one was a school day, so we had to make it a quick celebration :)).  

Here are my little Valentines on the "real" Valentine's day.  They each got two cards and some awesome cars from Meg, Fog, and Walter.  Charlie got five army vehicles and Evie got two shiny sports cars.  They were both thrilled, but Charlie saw that Evie (possibly for the first time?) had something that he didn't have, but would like to have.  So he engineered a trade, telling me, "Evie wants me to have this red sports car."  He indicated that he was giving her an army vehicle in exchange, but she was having trouble actually getting that out of him.  It cracked me up because he reminded me SO much of myself when I was little.  I think poor Meg was on the losing end of my "trades" more than once... :)
Both the kids LOVED their musical cards from Meggie.  Evie does the funniest little dance to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" every time she opens her card. :)
Valentine's morning, take 2.  Grandparents' gifts!
Thanks to our wonderful Christmas, these two are pros at opening gifts!

Evie LOVES her Olivia doll. :)
And Charlie is crazy for these animals.  Both kids have played with these constantly since Charlie opened them.  They are so much fun--the only downside is that they have sparked a few too many fights.  Apparently Evie needs her own set? :)

Grabbing the "big" animals away from Evie...
...which she is ok with, because E loves the babies. :)
Before we headed to school on V day, I had to get a few pictures of my two little Valentines.

Showing off his Valentine's sucker. :)

After candy for breakfast and a big party at school, we continued the sugar overload with a playgroup Valentine's party.  Charlie, as always, gorged on the chocolate pretzels.  Evie couldn't believe that she was finally big enough to climb up to the "big kids'" table, and couldn't get enough of her newfound access to unlimited treats.
Sweet Isabella with my two little piggies.
Clint and I were the lucky recipients of two very special Valentines this year.  First, we got an adorable, hand-painted, Jackson Pollock-inspired Valentine from Miss Evie.  And in case you didn't think she could create something quite so amazing, there is photographic proof at the bottom. 
Next, we were VERY proudly presented with this mosaic from Charlie.  Anytime he thought that his Valentine haul might be making me a bit jealous, he would redirect my attention to his Valentine on the fridge, telling me, "look at the Valentine I made for you mommy!  It says, 'mommy.'"  So other than the fact that he may not have dreamed up "Love you to pieces" on his own, I really love the Valentine. :)
Hope you all had wonderful Valentine's days!

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