Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, February 25, 2013

Taking the Train to the E-Quarium

Clint hasn't had much time off lately, so my parents have been sweet enough to try to get up here often enough to make me feel like we are still haven't some semblance of a weekend every once in a while.  We always try to do something ambitious, that I wouldn't want to do on my own, when they are here.  So last Saturday, we picked an activity that would thrill Charlie: riding the train to the aquarium.  The train was the highlight of the day; the aquarium was fun, but Charlie really just wanted an excuse to ride the train somewhere. :)  Despite not knowing what an aquarium was, he developed very strong opinions about it on the way there.  We were debating whether to go to the aquarium or Klyde Warren Park and Charlie became intent on getting us to pick the "e-quarium."  He was very frustrated with all of Papa's attempts to get him to pick the park (Papa was drawn to the free park and yummy food trucks :), and continued to insist that we were going to the equarium until we finally agreed with him.

Here is the happy little man on the train.  He savors and loves every minute of the train experience--from the ticket buying, to the elevator down to the tracks, to the various noises and alerts.  We love it!

Another interesting storyline (that I didn't know until I saw these photos) is that Ahh is not too excited by trains.  Have you ever seen someone look so bored? ;)
And we loved the equarium--particularly the manatee and the sharks.  So fun!

For our post-aquarium lunch, we had Charlie's favorite--sandwiches!  (So random, I know.  Don't dare tell him that sandwiches aren't a huge treat!)
Our other favorite Charlie-moment of the weekend was on our way to dinner on Saturday night.  Clint and I were having a minor disagreement over where to eat.  Clint pulled in the Whole Foods parking lot to check out a few places on his phone.  Charlie apparently thought we were abandoning our eating-out plan, because as soon as Clint turned into the Whole Foods parking lot, we heard an angry "hey hey hey!!!  not whole foods!!!" from the backseat.  He looked quite sheepish when we all burst into laughter. :)

Thanks to Papa and Ahh for another fun weekend!

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