Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Evie: 8 Months Old!

Another month has passed and I really feel like I have a whole new baby.  Evie has had a developmental explosion this month--she really seems like a whole different person than she was a few weeks ago.  She is crawling (as of June 28), pulling up, cruising around on the furniture, and climbing over anything that gets in her way (especially on me and Charlie).  She is WILD and into everything all of a sudden (she is not a good cuddler these days--she wants to be down).  Poor Charlie has to work hard to keep her out of his toys, but he has been pretty patient with her.  Evie is a wild woman everywhere, but especially in the bathtub.  She crawls all over the tub, pulls up on the sides, and tries to get into everything.  Trying to keep Evie from falling under water while trying to bathe her and Charlie is a stressful job!  

Even more than her physical development, Evie just seems like so much more of a person lately.  She is really interactive, and smiles and laughs and talks constantly.  She waves bye bye (and hello :), she "dances" in her highchair, she laughs and plays with Charlie (they love peek-a-boo), she loves music and dancing (her Kindermusik class is her favorite activity of the week), she cannot get enough of Charlie's Matchbox cars and Legos (or any toy that she senses is highly prized), and she loves her books.  Her favorite book is Pat the Bunny, and I love reading it with her.  She gets so excited about petting the bunny and playing peek-a-boo with Paul (if you know the book, you know what I'm talking about :).  I think my favorite thing about Evie is her happy little smile every time someone new comes in the room or we visit a new place.  Evie always seems to think every experience is going to be a wonderful one--and she is usually right. :)  I have also loved seeing her relationship with Charlie grow and change this month.  They have started "playing" more and more and have so much fun together.  There are still plenty of fights to monitor, but there is nothing cuter than hearing them laughing and talking together on the floor.  Her eyes light up when she sees Charlie or Clint and they are both equally enamored with her (she is pretty hard to resist :).

For my memory bank, at 8 months Evie weighs 17 pounds, which apparently puts her into the 25%.  [I'm no doctor, but these are NOT 25% thighs.]

These pictures were taken on Evie's 8-month birthday, but the poor girl had a terrible cold that was in the process of developing into a bad eye infection (ER visit post to follow).  Through it all, she remained as sweet and happy as ever.  It was a little harder to get smiles out of her, but other than that, you really would not have known she was sick.

We love you sooooooo much little mouse.  You are an amazing little girl and have made our lives so incredibly happy!

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