Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, July 13, 2012

First Trip to the Emergency Room

Another milestone has been reached: we've had our first trip the emergency room.  We headed down to Seguin last Monday for the July 4 holiday.  On Tuesday, poor Evie woke up with her eyes red, swollen and stuck shut.  We sent pictures to my Aunt Mary (an emergency-room pediatrician) who told us to bring Evie in immediately (luckily, she was on call, so we got all-star treatment).  We rushed in and one shot and two eye drops later, Evie was doing much better.  She was such a little trooper during our time in the hospital and smiled and giggled for all the doctors and nurses.  Charlie went along as well, and you have never seen anyone so curious...about everything.  He was rushing around, touching everything, and I was just sure we were going to bring some terrible illness home (we did both get sick a few days later, so I think that fear may have been well-founded).  In order not to infect my mom (who suffers from glaucoma), we packed up and headed right back to Dallas.  It was a wild two days of driving, but I could not believe how well the kids held up.  We are so lucky with these two sweet little ones.  And SOOOO glad Miss E is back to her old self!

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