Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I started bathing the kids together, and suddenly, bath time has become quite terrifying exciting.  First, we have a battle over who gets bathed first.  When Evie wins that battle, Charlie starts a splash party that makes Evie very nervous.  Then I have to hustle Evie out of the tub so that Charlie can splash to his heart's content.  After I got Evie out yesterday, I heard a loud noise and turned around just in time to see Evie's bath seat flying out of the tub.  Luckily, it was recovered unscathed. :)
 Post-bath, Evie and Charlie wrap up in their "wobes" and relax and go crazy, respectively.  By "go crazy," I mean running around in circles (literally), jumping wildly on the bed, falling on the floor and waving hands and feet in the air, and collapsing in wild laughter.  Charlie has so much energy these days, and he goes on a mission to burn off all of his excess energy from the day during and after his bath.  This leaves Evie's bedtime routine a little less than relaxing, but she certainly finds it entertaining (and maybe just a little frightening).

I set up an air mattress in Evie's room (nighttime waking is just too frequent right now for me to go up and down stairs every time), and Charlie thinks it's his very own trampoline.  We have done a lot of bouncing, tumbling, and jumping since I got it out (and as a result, when I slept on it last night, it was so low in air that I was sleeping on the floor!).  But the air mattress has been so much fun for him that I really can't complain. :)  Here are the wild little munchkins "relaxing" on the air mattress post-bath.
 Evie looks a little worried here for good reason--that foot was coming VERY close to her head (don't worry, I scooped her up right after this photo was snapped :).
Bath time may be a bit wild, but they sure do love it!

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