Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, March 16, 2012

Current Events

To keep all of you current with our likes, dislikes, and new-found tricks:

Charlie's current vehicle obsession is dump trucks.  He latches onto every dump truck he finds (annoying all of the neighborhood kids) and is dying for a big one that he can push around outside.  I hope the Easter bunny is taking notes...and I hope the neighborhood kids can continue sharing with us until then. :)

Charlie is also really into "soccer" (and by "soccer," I mean kicking a ball around wildly) right now.  He loves kicking balls and especially loves if one of us will run around with him and try to steal it from him and kick it to him.
He hasn't quite mastered the rules yet...

And in Evie news, she swang at the park for the first time today.  She LOVES swinging!  She was just delighted with her new activity and smiled and laughed the entire time she was swinging.
Charlie's favorite activity is still the "Big Bop" (the park).  He loves the swings and slides, and is pretty fearless.  He likes sliding down, but likes climbing back up the slides even better.

Can you find Charlie?  The big slide at the park is terrifying, but Charlie loves it (he does look a bit worried here).  He went down it several times today and even climbed back up!
And Evie's latest and greatest accomplishment is her sitting.  She can sit pretty well with the assistance of her trusty Boppy pillow...

...and can sit by herself for (very) brief periods of time (until she remembers that she wants to suck on her hands, at which point she throws herself off balance and tumbles over :).

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