Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Evie: 4 Months Old!

So I would normally say that I can't believe little Miss E is 4 months old already, but since she's nearing 4 1/2 months at this point, I guess it's had some time to sink in. :)  At 4 months, Evie continues to be sweet, charming, and happy.  She is generally pretty calm and loves nothing more than stretching out and chatting with and smiling at someone.  She doesn't like to be left alone for long, and it just cracks me up how she crinkles up her little nose and breaks out in a HUGE smile anytime someone notices her and comes up to her to talk.  She also tends to gripe at you, however, a little if you walk away from her during a conversation. :)  I love going to get her up in the morning or from a nap--she cries to let me know she is awake, but I soon as I come in the room, she stops crying and gives me the cutest, most endearing, happy little smile from her bed.  Evie seems to prefer a quiet, calm environment, but unfortunately for the mouse, a quiet, calm environment is hard to find around here these days, as her brother loves nothing more than loud shrieking, banging, crashing, and bouncing.  Luckily, Evie is pretty good-natured and puts up with all the chaos remarkably well.

At 4 months, Evie is rolling over both ways (she started rolling back to front on March 5, just a few days after her 4-month birthday).  She is getting pretty close to sitting on her own, as she is now able to sit for a few minutes with just a Boppy pillow supporting her.  She smiles a LOT and laughs a little (mostly when she's getting tickled).  She has a sweet, soft little voice with the cutest "goos" you've ever heard.  Her favorite trick lately is blowing rasberries (or bubbles) with her mouth.  Charlie loves that Evie has started "spitting" and asks her repeatedly to "blow bubbles please Evie!"

And while Evie has many good traits, sleeping isn't one of them right now.  Because she's rolling around so much, I'm trying to transition her out of the swaddle, but it is just not going well.  She is waking up 2-3 times at night now and I am pretty exhausted from the night-time cuddling/feeding.  I am really hoping to get her on a better schedule with less night-time wakefulness, so I'm trying to stay in a bit more and make sure she gets good naps during the day.  If we can get back to one feeding at night, I will be very happy!

Evie had a great 4-month appointment this month, and the doctor pronounced her "just perfect."  She dominated Ages & Stages again, and did well with her shots (Charlie had to get one shot at her appointment, and he did not do quite as well.  Leaving the pediatrician's office with 2 screaming children was not pleasant!).  Her 4-month stats are:

Weight: 12 pounds, 6 ounces (25%)
Height: 24 3/4 inches (75%)
Head: 16 1/2 inches (75%)

And here are the mouse's 4-month pics!


Charlie, of course, had to be a part of the photo shoot as well.  After he saw Evie arranged on her pink blanket, he tried to move her out of the way and then positioned himself on the blanket.  We added Evie back into the photo when he demanded to hold her.

Happy 4 Months Miss E!  I can't believe 5 months is right around the corner!

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