Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Evie: One Month Old

I cannot believe the mouse is one month old [I know this post is almost 2 weeks late.  Don't judge.].  It is painful to me how fast time is moving right now.  I thought the pregnancy went fast, but it was nothing compared to Evie's newborn days!  Evie is an amazing [Clint calls her "e-mazing" :)] baby.  She is so good that it's a bit scary, as I can forget she's around.  I have put her down for a nap in her bassinet and stopped by to check on her, only to find her wide awake in there, just looking around happily.  Evie is patient, calm, and just as sweet as can be.  She really doesn't have a "fussy" time of the day, which is a relief after her brother, who required an hour or more of bouncing on an exercise ball every night.  But our favorite thing about Evie is her big, wide-open eyes.  They look so wise and inquisitive; I just love it when they are open and looking around.  And Evie is just beginning to smile.  No "real" smiles yet, but she does crinkle up her mouth and looks like she is trying to smile when we talk to her.  I think a real smile is right around the corner. :)  Although Evie is great during the day, we are still figuring out the nights--some are really good, with only one feeding, while others involve a bit more feeding and cuddling.  Evie never asks for much, though--she mostly just likes to be held, and is the sweetest cuddler I know. :)
Evie had her one-month appointment this week (at 5 weeks old).  Her current stats are:
Weight: 9 lbs., 5 oz. (60%)
Length: 21.25 in. (60%)
Head: 14.75 in. (65%)
Love this little face!

Notice a hand coming in the frame?  Someone has decided that the mouse has had enough time alone in the spotlight...
...and here comes Charlie, taking his rightful place in front of the camera lens. :)
A gratuitous kiss for the camera...
...and then on to the fun.  Charlie LOVES pointing out Evie's various body parts, especially her mouth and eyes (eeek!).
Another kiss, when he remembers that there's a camera in front of him.
And then back to the mouth.  Time to rescue poor Evie!
At only one month old, Evie doesn't have a ton of favorite things (aside from eating, cuddling, and burping), but she has really been enjoying our evening dance parties.  The three of us have done some wild dancing!
Dance parties get even crazier when Dada (or in this case, Papa) joins in.  Charlie was thrilled with his energetic dance partner!

Evie is also a pretty big fan of her baths.  My calm little mouse is so good about hanging out patiently in her tub while I bathe Charlie.  She is such a sweetie--and I think I may have a future spa-junkie on my hands. :)

We love you SO much Miss E.  I cannot believe how much you've captured our hearts [including that of your brother, who now refuses to go off to bed before he's gotten to kiss you :)] in only one short month!


  1. Awww...she is so sweet. Very e-mazing.

  2. lucky boy soon you will be able to put something else in her mouth for her to suck, do you need me to demonstrate?

  3. come on little one open those legs let me see heaven