Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charlie & Evie Meet Santa

My mom and I took Charlie and Evie to meet Santa at the downtown Neiman Marcus this week.  It was such a fun outing (and made so much better by having my mom there!).  Mom and Evie waited in line while Charlie and I raced through the tunnel winding around the outside of NM (very fun, but realized why they had a 4-10 year-old age limit :).  Charlie was very excited about meeting Santa--he said "Santa," "HoHoHo," and "I sit. Santa!" while we were waiting in line, all leading me to the erroneous conclusion that he was going to enjoy his time with the big guy.  Alas, that was not the case, as seen below...
Evie is starting to look a bit concerned.  Santa, however, is not phased a bit.

Evie and Santa had a very nice conversation once Cargie made his way "off!"
Although it looks like Charlie was terribly distressed by his encounter with Santa, he was happy as could be the moment he got off his lap.  He bounded off happily and was talking about Santa the rest of the day.  I asked Charlie what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas and he responded, not surprisingly, with "Big Truck!"

After our visit with Santa, we went upstairs to the children's area to relax so I could feed Evie.  Charlie loved getting to play with all the toys.  His first order of business was to don this pink bike helmet and drive a jeep.  He proudly wore the bike helmet all around Neiman's...we had quite a time getting it away from him. :) 

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