Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Weekend with Aunt Meggie & Uncle Foggy

Clint was working all weekend, so Charlie and I took those lemons and made some lemonade--we went to visit Aunt Meggie and Uncle Graeme (Foggy) in Austin. We had a great weekend with the two greatest hosts you can imagine. Meg had set up a playdate for us, checked out wonderful board books at the library, got a wading pool that Charlie loved, cooked for us on Friday night, took us to the Children's Museum and Deep Eddy, and took me birthday shopping and out to dinner on Saturday night (while my sweet parents babysat)! We were spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, but it was really fun!

Here's Charlie with Meg. He was distracted by a dog in the background, which is why he isn't smiling (I think this is one of the only times he was with her and NOT smiling :).
The Children's Museum was so much fun. Meg described Charlie as looking like a "drunken sailor in a brothel," and the description was quite appropriate. There were so many things to do, he did not know where to turn first!

We used the wading pool for an outdoor playdate on Friday afternoon, and then Meg moved it inside for some indoor fun as well. Charlie liked it just as much inside as out--for some reason, it thrilled him!
His favorite activity was "hammering" the floor with the back scratcher.
We went to Deep Eddy on Saturday afternoon and it was so nice. The water was cool and beautiful, and it felt so good after a hot day. Charlie just loved all the people and space at Deep Eddy. He paddled all around the pool and loved meeting new people and exploring the various areas. He really wanted to swim laps in the lanes, but we made him stay in the main pool. :)

And I am just sick that I didn't get a picture of Charlie with his Uncle Foggy! Charlie loves Graeme and loved getting to spend time with him this weekend. When he realized he had to leave Graeme at home to join Meg and I for a "ladies' lunch" and the Children's Museum, he threw quite the fit.

Thank you SO much Meg and Graeme for a wonderful weekend. We had the best time--so good, in fact, that Charlie was in a great mood for the entire car trip home!

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