Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Family Vacation

Right before the big move, we spent a lovely few days in Ruidoso, New Mexico with my family. My grandparents owned a condo there when I was growing up, so my family and I visited almost every summer. Some of my best memories are hiking, exploring, and going to the horse races in Ruidoso. So, this year, it was so fun to get to take Charlie. It brought back so many wonderful memories and felt so special. The trip came at a busy time, but it was a really nice break from all the craziness at home. Charlie had been getting a little frustrated with me for paying more attention to the house sale/move than to him, so he really relished all the attention that was showered on him by his doting grandparents, aunts, and uncles during our vacation. All in all, it was wonderful!

Here is Charlie and his Papa, doing one of their very favorite activities.
Charlie spent lots of time playing outside with Aunt Meg, and loved every minute of it. She will always indulge his desire to wander explore, and he loves how much fun they have together!
We spent one day at the horse races and had so much fun. Meg and I were avid horse-lovers growing up, and our greatest desire was to become jockeys. Sadly, that dream was never realized, but we still love the races. :)

Uncle Foggy, Aunt Meggie, Uncle Am, and Aunt Audra.
Charlie loved watching the races up close.

After observing the races, Charlie decided he would like to ride horses as well. So we took him for a "ride." He was very impressed.
The boys spent one day golfing. Charlie horned in on their post-golf photo.
One of my favorite nights was spent at Flying J. Not quite sure how to describe Flying J--it's a small model Western town, where they have a pre-dinner gunfight, an authentic chuckwagon supper, and then a fun post-dinner western music concert. We LOVED this place growing up, and I had just as much fun this year!
Charlie loved exploring the town. He was less thrilled with the scratchy $3 hat I made him wear.
Here's Clint posing with his target (he hit the bulls' eye, if you can't tell). Sam jumped in the photo as well, hoping that in a few months, no one will be able to remember which one of them had the winning shot. :)
Unfortunately, Charlie was arrested by the town sheriff.
But we visited him in jail...
...and bailed him out in time for another horse ride. Charlie loved riding again, screaming only when Clint took him off after the ride was over.
Someone was quite proud of his riding abilities.
Charlie watched the gunfight with Papa.
And we took a family photo before dinner. LOVE having Audra in our family photos now!
On our last day there, we took a hike around Grindstone Lake. Charlie wasn't too sure about being back in the Baby Bjorn (he thinks the word "Baby" in the title probably means they aren't meant for 1-year-olds), but he was a trooper.

He was even happier when Papa agreed to carry him for a while. :)

Thanks so much Papa and Ali for a wonderful vacation. We had such a good time and left with the best new memories!

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