Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Fun Celebratory Weekend

Clint was working all day Saturday and Sunday of Fourth of July weekend, so Charlie and I headed down to Seguin for some family time. We had so much fun with my parents, my cousins, and all of my cousins' kids. Charlie loves his big extended family and always enjoys seeing everyone so much. We missed Clint, but it was a nice little get-away!

On Saturday, Seguin held a little Children's Parade around the town square. Charlie got dressed up in his best Independence Day attire and we headed down for the festivities. Above, Papa and Charlie got in the Fourth of July spirit.

Not easy to get this crew to pose for a photo, but I think they look pretty cute in their holiday gear. Charlie and Katie sported some pretty sweet decorated strollers. :)

Charlie prepared for the parade by running wildly around the square. His cheeks were SO red by the end of the evening!

Holding Papa's had and trying to look innocent...
Our little parade crew.
Aunt Addie had to take over stroller duty when Julia got tired. :)
Jane Ann played sweetly with Charlie.
Unfortunately, our group--despite our fabulously decorated strollers--did not win any prizes in the parade (much to Julia's chagrin). Charlie looked very jealously at the winning contestant. He was dying for that jeep!
We headed to Freedom Fiesta following the parade and had a lot of fun. The highlight for Charlie was riding in this train, below. Jackson sweetly rode with him and chaperoned.
He loves it!

Jackson has been playing baseball this year and is getting really good. He knocked the kid in the dunking booth 3 times (out of 3 throws!). I think the poor kid was very glad to see him leave. :)
On Sunday, Aunt Dede agreed to have the whole posse over for a swim party. We had the best time. Charlie started jumping in the pool this weekend, and loves it!
Papa and Jackson swam with Charlie, which thrilled him. He is crazy about these 2 guys!

Jackson is SO sweet with Charlie and can always make him smile and laugh. I have so loved watching them bond over the past year!

Miss you all already!

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