Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day (a few days early)

Dallas had its big St. Patrick's Day celebration this Saturday and it was wild. Our neighborhood was filled with green people, green clothes, green beer, green beads, and lots of excitement. Charlie was very interested in all the action, and looked particularly quizzical when a guy in a green wetsuit rode a unicycle down our sidewalk (not kidding). We had a busy day that included a birthday party (complete with Kindermusik!) and a St. Patrick's Day party. Charlie LOVED the Kindermusik birthday party, but was a little unsure about the adult party (I think the roudy game of flip cup made him nervous :). Charlie really was hilarious at the birthday party. I think he thought he was the guest of honor. He made sure he was in the middle of the circle at all times, positioning himself right on Miss Lisa's lap after ascertaining that she was going to stay in the center of the action. I had to chase down Mr. Independent a few times to keep him away from smaller children and a low-lying DVD collection, but he was generally very content to roam around on his own. I do love the independence and self-sufficiency that crawling has provided!

Our little leprechaun.
You can't hang out in the yard without eating a few leaves.
Poised for attack.
Uh oh...he's on the move...
...and our temperamental model storms out of the photo shoot.

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