Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boys' Weekend

Technically, I should share blogging responsibilities with Katie, but I do realize that this is only my second post. We can all chalk it up to the fact that she does such a great job maintaining the site (and Charlie, of course). That said, it wouldn't have been a true Boys' Weekend if Mommy was in town . . . so blogging responsibility on this one falls to me. Overall, my first weekend alone with Charlie went well, if not a little hectic. Below you will find evidence of our most elaborate exploit, a trip to Dallas Zoo.
Entrance to the zoo (self explanatory).
Charlie ponders which is more fascinating to observe, the wildlife in the cages, or the clientele at the zoo (I think we ultimately decided on the other zoo patrons).
It was a fairly cool day outside, so the crocodiles weren't at their most lively. I had to be very persuasive in convincing Charlie that they were still alive.
Charlie was amazed at how human-like the chimpanzees were.
Charlie was concerned to find that only the "Lesser Flamingo" was exhibited at the Dallas Zoo. He actually left a comment card requesting the "Greater Flamingo" be present at our next visit.
Charlie and I were very impressed by the new savannah exhibit.

Charlie's concluding thoughts on our trip to the zoo: "Perhaps we do not observe the animals within their cages, but it is they who observe us within our cages."

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  1. Clint -- your posts are freaking hilarious. I love Charlie's closing comment.

    - Meg