Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, March 7, 2011

Charlie's First Bachelor Party

Charlie, Clint, and I enjoyed a quick trip down to the ranch for Sam's bachelor party this past weekend. Clint spent the day and night skeet shooting and cooking at the cabin with the guys and Charlie and I spent the day and evening hanging out, eating pizza, and playing bridge with Mom, Dede, and Meg at the House on the Hill (and made a short stop by the bachelor party to watch the shooting and drop off food). We had long drives both ways, but it was so worth it. I loved getting to see everyone and Clint had a blast at the party. Charlie was especially pleased with all the action--no one loves a party more than this little man. He has really been missing all the attention and all his favorite people since we returned home.

Charlie loved the skeet shooting and was quite pleased with his hearing protectors. They squeeze his cheeks together and it cracks me up when he tries to smile with them on. :)
The shooters (and partiers).
Elam, Will, Rob, and Sam.
Charlie LOVES his new hand-me-down jacket with the attached frog. This has rocketed to the top of his favorite clothing list. :)
Sweet Dede and Robie.
Charlie adores his Dede...
...and his Aunt Meggie! These two are SO cute together!
Charlie crawled around the House on the Hill non-stop...
...and made sweet music with his new musical instruments from Papa (another of his very very favorite people). Papa lets Charlie drive the truck around the ranch. This has become one of Charlie's favorite activities, but is ruining him for car trips. Thanks a lot Papa!! :)

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