Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We had such a fun week last week, full of fun visitors. Charlie was, of course, thrilled with all the attention and so excited to have some of his favorite people in town. First, Grandma Ali came and spent a few days with us to help with the transition to the bottle. Even though the transition was a bit stressful for all involved :), we had a great time and Charlie loved getting in some quality time with his Ali. I loved having the moral support while we were making the transition and had so much fun running around with my mom! Unfortunately, I didn't get a real picture of Charlie and Ali together, so this one of Charlie pulling up on Grandma Ali will have to do. :)
Next, Uncle Sam and Soon-To-Be-Aunt Audra came to visit. Sam and Audra are considering a move to Dallas (nothing would make us happier!!), and they came up to check out the city. We had a wonderful time exploring the city with them, eating out, playing games, and just hanging out and laughing. Charlie loved getting to see them and is SO hoping that he can lure them up here. Again, I was terrible about getting my camera out, so we have no pictures with them. :( Hopefully, they will move up here and give us plenty of photographic opportunities. :)

Finally, Clint's parents came down for a short visit. Even though we didn't have too much time with them, we had a great time and Charlie loved getting to see them. Mimi brought us some wonderful homemade bread, which we enjoyed for days after they left. I didn't get a picture of Charlie with PawPaw, but I did get this picture of Charlie and Mimi at the park. Charlie was so excited about the swings!
Thanks everyone for coming to visit--we loved seeing you!

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