Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Eve

For the third? fourth? (not sure) year in a row, we had a family New Year's Eve celebration out at the ranch. It was even more fun this year than usual--the kids had so much fun playing outside during the day and the adults had so much fun playing in the evening after the kids went home to their babysitters. :) Thanks to Graeme, our poker tournament was very well-organized this year and we all had so much fun with it. Even though I didn't win at poker, I feel like our fun NYE celebration predicts a very good year ahead. :)

Charlie had a great time "driving" the jeep. He could not believe that we left him alone at the steering wheel--he really could not stop smiling.
Someone has figured out how to pull up and loves to pull himself up to standing. He thinks he is SO big. And I LOVE this cowboy hat on him. (We stole it from Elec, so it's a bit snug :).
Drinking and driving...

Charlie did not want to pose for a picture. :(
Charlie and his angels (note that he WAS happy to pose for a picture with them :).
Sweet Charlotte was so cute with her little smiles.
We tried to get a 2nd-cousin picture, but we were missing Elizabeth, Emma, Abby, and Elec. Charlie and Charlotte were slightly nervous about their precarious positions. :)
Getting more nervous...
We had to call in an expert.
When Elec returned to the cabin, the boys had some play time together in their coordinating PJs.
Charlie just loved playing with Elec...
Do I have to go to bed???
Once the kids were in bed, we kicked off the poker tournament. The boys were very serious about it.
The championship table! (I can't believe I made it :). Unfortunately, I finished just out of the money (in 4th), but it was so much fun playing. I have no idea what Clint is doing in the background here.
Happy 2011!

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