Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

What a wonderful Christmas Eve we had! Every year on Christmas Eve, my family heads out to the log cabin at our ranch for a big, rollicking celebration. This day is always so much fun--Christmas Eve has always been the highlight of my holiday and is such a special day to me due to all the wonderful memories associated with it. I was so excited for Charlie to experience this holiday with us and get to take part in his first Christmas Eve celebration. Luckily, it did not disappoint!

We started off with a shooting competition (the Hickory Hills Shootout). Thanks so much Dede for organizing this!

Jackson opted for an automatic weapon.
Charlie dined al fresco while we watched the shooting competition get started.
Yes, I participated.
Charlie and Jules loved their hearing protectors.
Clint rocked it. :)
Emma and Elizabeth loved driving around in the Jeep.
Isn't Baby Abby adorable??
Chris even fed Elec outside so that they wouldn't miss the shooting action.
Addie and Baby Katie hanging out... :) Addie was on my team and she is an amazing shot!
The winning team. :( We were robbed!
Megan, Chris, and Elec came all the way from LA for the holidays. It was so wonderful meeting little Elec and getting to catch up with Megan and Chris!
Amy and Baby Charlotte were so much fun as well. I cannot believe that Charlie already has two babies younger than him--our family is growing so fast!
Jackson and Charlie are so cute together. Jack is really, really sweet with Charlie and Charlie just adores him. Jack can always make him laugh and Charlie is very content just watching him. Here's Jack teaching Charlie how to drive the Jeep.
Charlie was quite pleased. :)
Aunt Kay's cookies were a big hit.
Someone has developed a bit of a sweet tooth... :)
Charlie, Elec, and Charlotte were so cute together. It's going to be so fun to watch these three grow up together. Here's Charlie "entertaining" little Charlotte.
Elec joins in the fun. :)

My only disappointment this year was that Charlie and I didn't make it out for the annual hayride. Just as we were leaving, Charlie decided he was starving and could not wait any longer, so we stayed behind for some dinner. Oh well, this will give us something to look forward to next year. :)
I love this picture Amy took as they were leaving on the hayride. It was dusk and the rain had just let up. Such a pretty view.
Charlie loved opening his mouse puppet from Baby Katie. We have had so much fun with Mr. Country Mouse--he always makes Charlie laugh!
The girls got fingernail polish and it was a huge hit. I love that Lizzy and Emma have taught Will how to paint nails!
After a long, exhausting, wonderful day, we headed back to Seguin to wait for Santa...

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