Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, November 11, 2013

Guadalupe County Fair

Since we had such success at the Texas State Fair this year, we decided to give the Guadalupe County State Fair a try after we cleaned up from our camping trip.  It was so fun, and--at least when you have little ones--almost as great as the State Fair.  It was so nice having everything so close, convenient, line-free, and inexpensive. :)

Here is the ferris wheel--not nearly as big, but so much fun!
The petting zoo here was hilarious.  For the most part, the animals were not in pens, and they were HUNGRY.  As soon as we walked in with food, they practically attacked us trying to get some of it.  Less of a petting zoo, more of a fend-animals-off-in-any-way-you-can zoo.  At one point, I was looking for Charlie and saw the poor little guy trapped in a corner and surrounded by hungry goats.  He was wide-eyed and very glad to be rescued. :)

Walter, always the little trooper, somehow managed to do amazingly well with the aggressive animals.

Guess who was not about to let her feet touch the ground in there?  Smart girl!
Walter, on the other hand, was crawling all around.  What a nut!
Thankfully, we survived the attack of the hungry goats and headed to the rides.  Evie's all-time favorite ride is the carousel, and Charlie rode it once with her just to be nice. :)
Mr. Bobo watched from the sidelines for a minute...
...and then just had to have a turn. :)
Look who was SO happy to have Bobo with her!
All of the rides were a big hit.  Both kids loved this slide (even though we thought Papa was about to accidentally send Evie down on her own)...
...they were thrilled by the boat... (Evie reported that this was her favorite ride)

...Charlie had a blast on this roller coaster...

...and they both loved the 4-wheelers.  Although C looked a little bored, he reported that this was his favorite ride.  Perhaps he was just concentrating on his driving. ;)

Charlie also loved getting to do this tractor pull.  He thought he was quite impressive up there. :)

Verdict?  We love the Guadalupe County State Fair!  Lots of fun memories there. :)

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