Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

As a pre-Halloween celebration, Ann, Bethany, and I packed up the kids and headed to the Owens Big Orange Pumpkin Farm.  It was such a hit with the kids and made for such a fun morning.  

Charlie, who aspires to be a rancher, was thrilled with all the tractors and farm equipment.
Halloween Evie.
Ann and Colin.
There was an area for feeding goats, but it was definitely a feed-at-your-own-risk type of place.  These were the hungriest, most aggressive goats I have ever seen.
I thought these goats would make him nervous, but Charlie seemed to find the feeding much more exciting than usual, given the goats' aggressive and unpredictable manner. :)

A few kids got their fingers chomped, but Charlie had a blast. :)
Guess who was appropriately skeptical?
These two?  Not so much.
We also got to take a very festive hayride behind a tractor.  This was definitely our highlight of the morning.
Charlie and "Palms," as he calls him.  Charlie heard Rick calling Palmer "Palms" one day and quickly adopted it.
Colin, Evie, and Charlie.
Farmer Palmer.
Sweet Colin.
They wanted a photo of them with the tractor.
The other big hit was the gator.  Charlie and Evie were ready to drive away.  And I think Palms would have been just fine with that too. :)

The pumpkin farm let us pick pumpkins to take home with us.  The kids were very careful with their picking, but not so pumped about taking photos with their you can tell. ;)

Such a fun morning--we are loving this fall weather!

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