Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Charlie's Bucket List

For several months, Charlie has been obsessed with two desires: (1) to go to a Rangers' game, and (2) to go camping.  We love indulging Charlie's (many, many) interests, so we finally made time for both, and it was so rewarding to see how happy he was.

First, Clint and Sam took Charlie to his first Rangers' game.  He was so excited, even more so because "only the boys" could go.  Skipping his nap was an added benefit.  

Here is the diehard Rangers' fan after the game.
 Here he is watching the game with Sam.
 And here he is on the lookout for foul balls.  Charlie was shocked that he didn't catch a ball, even though he remembered his glove!  He had been convinced that that was all it took, but no luck this time.  The Rangers lost, and Mr. Fairweatherfan was very torn about his allegiances as a result.  He thought he might really like those Angels quite a bit too. :)
Second, when Clint had a week off, we decided to spend a couple of his free days camping (or "glamping," given that we were staying at our cabin with air conditioning, beds, running water, and a full kitchen :) in La Vernia.  Charlie and Evie were so pumped about this activity.  We invited Papa and Ahh, the Reeds and Fretses to join us for dinner, and that made it all the more exciting for the Burrus kids.  Here they are playing a rousing soccer game.  Charlie quickly learned that Jack and Julia are a bit tougher competition than his usual 3-year-old crowd. :)
Naturally, one of our main activities was Ranger riding.  Evie loves this as much as Charlie does, but is less obsessed with driving (thank goodness!).

After a yummy dinner, our guests left and we had the cabin (and Ranger!) to ourselves.  One of my favorite moments of the night was when my parents were leaving to head back to their house for the night.  My mom offered (in front of the kids) to take Evie with her so that she could sleep in a crib.  As I was considering it, Charlie panicked and said, "No, Evie, don't go!  Don't you want to stay with your favorite Caga??"  After that, there was no getting her out and we were so glad we kept our sweet girl with us--she was perfect!  We took a long Ranger ride in the dark and that was so fun for the kids.  They loved looking at stars and shining their flashlights around and looking for deer.  The night was clear and beautiful and the stars were just stunning.  Sweet Charlie was just mesmerized by them (it has been driving him crazy that we can't see many in Dallas), and told me later that his favorite thing about camping was all the stars. :)  We got back to the cabin at 10:00 and although Evie had been falling asleep in the Ranger, she perked back up when we got inside the cabin.  Our two little crazies had some fun jumping on the couch before we whisked them off to bed.  

As you can guess from these pictures, they didn't go straight to bed.  We heard a lot of running footsteps upstairs and went up to investigate, only to find both kids sitting at the top of the (very steep) stairs.  When Clint asked how Evie got out of her Pack n' Play, Charlie said, "I lifted her out!"  Awesome. :)

The next morning, we couldn't wait to get out and see the ranch in the morning light, so we went for a long, early Ranger ride.  

The kids had fun picking flowers...

...and then we met my parents and Meg and Walter at the lake for some fishing.  No bites, but it was fun!

Charlie was a surprisingly patient fisherman.

Picking the right lure is key...clearly, we did not pick the right lure. :)
Bobo is a wild little crawler!
I am so glad for our camping experience (even though Charlie still thinks we have to try it in a tent), and it was so fun to see how much the kids enjoyed it.  They are still talking about it, so we will definitely do this again soon!

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