Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I LOVE Fall.  I know everyone says that, but it really is my favorite season ever.  It feels so exciting and special, I love the anticipation of the season, the football, the beautiful weather, the first fires, the family holidays, the food, you name it.  And I really love pumpkins--when they arrive, I feel like it is the start of a very long, very fun holiday season.  Every year, we visit way too many pumpkin patches and take way too many pictures in them, but it's just so fun. :)

Here are my two little rascals in the pumpkin patch at the Arboretum, the biggest, most amazing pumpkin patch ever!

We took Walter with us to visit the pumpkin patch and he was quite impressed.  Charlie acted VERY jealous of W and E's pumpkin attire, but given that Charlie flat-out refused to wear that very shirt last year, I didn't take him too seriously.
Charlie was SO pleased to be holding Bobo...
...but somebody got a bit jealous. :)  Evie LOVES Bobo, and just cannot get enough of him when he is around.  Whenever he is sitting with us, she exclaims, over and over again, "we got Bobo!" in the happiest little voice.  She thinks she is much, much older than him, and after playing "pee pie" and saying "goo goo ga ga" at him a few times, she usually sticks out her tiny hands and demands, "hold him!"  Luckily for Bobo, we usually put her off, but Meg had a momentary lapse in judgment at the pumpkin patch.  Evie was thrilled. :)
This little rascal looks deceivingly angelic with a pumpkin on his lap. :) 

 This is his most impressive smile.

Another little angel. :)
Evie is talking up a storm right now, and her increased communication abilities have made her so happy.  We see this face all the time.  I just love it. :)

A few more...

 Nobody does pumpkins like the Arboretum...

 Evie is so affectionate right now.  Every day before Clint heads to work, she demands "a huggie," "a kiss," and "a squeeze."  He often has to repeat these several times before she will let him go.  Here she is delivering one of her many kisses. ;)
 Charlie is affectionate too, but more in a tackling way... :)

 While the boys played, Evie practiced pushing the stroller.  She will be such a help when the baby comes!
 Wait for me, guys!

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