Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fake Charlie

On his first day of school, Charlie was assigned homework: to decorate this paper doll to represent himself.  So overwhelming to try to relegate Charlie to paper, but after a $40 trip to Michael's, I think we succeeded.  Charlie was so pumped about this project and we had the best time doing it together.  I love Charlie's enthusiasm--he has so many passions and is SO excited about them!  Fake Charlie was designed and executed (to the extent possible) by Charlie himself, and every detail was carefully considered.  First, he had to have a Longhorn hat (colored by Charlie, longhorn cutout by me ;).  Then, he needed to play all of Charlie's favorite sports, so he got a soccer ball on his foot and a baseball, basketball, football, and golf club in his hand (Charlie is no stranger to combining various sports at a time).  We couldn't do without Charlie's favorite vehicles, so there is a fire engine, a Ranger (naturally), a 4-wheeler, a race car, and a golf cart.  He also got goggles above his eye (in case you were wondering what that was), a picture of Charlie wearing goggles, a T-Rex (Charlie's favorite dinosaur), a masterful drawing of Spiderman (complete with a pooping spider), a tent for camping, a deer, a raccoon, and, of course, a flashlight.  But perhaps the best part of all is the camo pants, Charlie's clothing-item-of-choice.  Charlie thinks this guy is the coolest thing ever, and he was so proud to take him to school. 

I am so glad we had this project--it is such a good little snapshot of Charlie at this moment in time.  What an interesting little boy! :)

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