Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Morning in LV

On that same visit to Seguin, Papa and Ahh took the kids out to La Vernia one morning for Ranger rides and a picnic.  Although I hated to miss all the fun, I did enjoy the little break to exercise and nap. :)  They are both so in love with LV, and it is so fun to see Evie getting into it as well.  Charlie is always pumped when he sees Papa getting ready to go to LV, but now Evie also rushes around nervously, saying "Ebie go Papa, Ebie go Papa!" to anyone who will listen.  She cannot rest until she has her boots and hat on, and would not let me hold her.  She only wanted Papa, and wanted to make absolutely sure that he did not leave her behind.  She really did not relax until she was safely buckled in Papa's truck.  I LOVE that they love spending time with their Papa and Ahh so much!

Here is Evie driving.  Luckily for Charlie, she is just as happy to watch Charlie drive, so I don't think her turn lasted too long.
 Here are the cool cats in front of an oil well.  Aren't their outfits amazing?  Evie put hers together herself (and therefore, cannot hold me responsible later :).
They are WILD.  
 Evie's fairly recent habit, aside from climbing up anything she can find, is hanging from anything she can find.  Ex:
Papa and his granddaughter.
 Happy kids.
 Super tough.
 Soooo happy!
 Charlie and Evie burst in as happy as when they left, talking a mile a minute and filling me in on all of their LV adventures.  They can't wait to go back!

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